27 Jan 2017

Supreme Industries, HCL Tech and Generis Farmaceutica

Supreme Industries has enjoyed a 25-30% reduction in input costs which has helped it boost market share, especially in plastic pipes and consumer products. The company expects to sustain the 20% CAGR in sales it has achieved over the past five years. HCL Tech completed its $85mil acquisition of Butler American Aerospace on January 3rd. Aurobindo Pharma announced the acquisition of Generis Farmaceutica for EUR 135mil, to become the largest supplier of generics in Portugal. The acquisition is seen as fair value and EPS accretive. The company also announced USFDA approval for its generic Levetiracetam sodium chloride injection for epileptic seizures. Lupin has received USFDA approval for its generic Desoximatasone cream for skin disease and for Cevimeline hydrochloride capsules for treating 'dry mouth' in Sjogren’s syndrome.

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