5 Sep 2017

Lawyers have been busy

We have seen a number of interesting legal decisions handed down. In the first, of constitutional significance, the Supreme Court has held that personal privacy is a fundamental right. This was in response to a case brought in protest about the application of the Aadhaar programme. The judgement might restrain the government’s ability to continue to rollout the use of Aadhaar for benefit schemes for its 1.3bn holders. In another judgement, the Court struck down the Muslim divorce process by which a man can easily divorce his wife. This was a very popular decision particularly among women but it will require a statutory response which will be highly controversial. Moving up the geopolitical plain, India has resolved a rumbling dispute with China over disputed building works on the Doklam Plain in Bhutan, India’s client-state. This resolution precedes a state visit to China by Mr. Modi which is to promote the burgeoning trade relations between the two countries.

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